Individual 1040’s

12/1/2015: Rates are adjusted this year to keep up with rising costs and educational requirements.

  • About $100 on a ‘per return’ basis goes for software costs /client file hosting area/ educational requirements/ and about 1.5 hrs time we spend on your file for each 1 hr we spend w/ you.
  • Realty clients use the below schedule for an estimate.
  • Others, we take a $495 retainer that includes a 1 year buyer brokerage agreement and credit toward below rates.


  1. Students with parental customer/client $40 +$5 per extra W2
  2. Personal 1040’s start at $75 short ($90 w/city)/ $185 ($195 w/city) long form & go up from there.
    • Affordable Care Act surcharge:
      • if you did not have regular – no assistance – health care the entire year, add $75 to this base fee.
      • if you had insurance part year, changed marital status with mixed coverage spouses, or similar complexities, the base fee is double the long form rate.
  3. Small businesses w/ a schedule C typically start at $175
  4. Rental property returns typically start at $245
  5. Multi state returns start at $290
  6. Bought or sold real estate during the year – 1040 included at no cost for most. Sorry, prior year clients that did not use our company for brokered buy/ sell have defaulted on our year to year agreement, $495 retainer/min fee due.  
    • Brand new first year client used another brokerage – $295 to $340
  7. Food stamp recipients OR retired on Social Security with no other income: from $20 (referred by existing realty customer: Free)

Lower Your Rates:

  • Your “Annual Review” package preparing your tax returns includes examining your property taxes & real estate holdings to coordinate tax savings on multiple levels & from various planning perspectives.
  • Accumulated service fees you pay us can be rebated to you at closing of your next property brokerage that we handle – you may also assign rebates to family.
  • Your service package fee states that you agree to use us for the following one year period for any realty brokerage activity. ( Annual Review w/ tax prep not offered if you use another brokerage – we are a brokerage that offers tax prep integrated as a concierge service, not tax preparers. )
  • Those that have been customers/clients longest enjoy the lowest fees because we limit any annual increases and your data is already in-house.
  • Those that have bought/sold property during the year will have an Annual Review discount (or no cost – based on our agreement at inception of property activity).
  • If you referred a realty brokerage client during the prior 12 months, your Annual Review may be free if they retain us with an agreement  – retainer paid prior to first showing/listing activity. (up to standard long form rate above).
  • If you referred an Annual Review or Business NetWorthBasics.com client during the prior 12 months, your Annual Review will not increase for same service or be 1/2 price or free depending on service package of referred client, i.e 1040 referral – no fee increase to you, entity (1120/1065) business client – 1/2 price to you, property transaction – free to you.

Standard Rates:

  • New customers start at our standard rates as we must set up your data file & online areas.
  • If you used another realty brokerage during the year after using us in a prior yr and thereby broke our year to year agreement, we do not offer tax preparation services to those until agreement is reconciled and past discounts, as stated on your year to year cover sheet, are repaid. Tax returns are a courtesy ‘loss leader’ to keep you as a client, we make no profit on them and do give of our time so we’ll have the best information to assist with your property transactions., Therefore, there is a minimum $495 retainer to restart any/all services from this point.
  • If you stop services & restart in a later year, all your data and customer web areas must be re-initiated, you are therefore a new customer/client and standard rates apply.
  • Hard copies & printouts of any files or work incur additional charges. These are available online – until and unless you break our year to year agreement & utilize another realty brokerage.
  • Past year files are free online at your site, there is a minimum $45/yr charge to replicate them hardcopy.

Invoice too high ?, drop us a check for our overhead: $100 base, our professional fee balance you may give to your favorite charity. Naturally. our office will  offer no further assistance after that time.

Personal reviews other than tax time: available in Jan/ Midyear/ and December

  • No charge for realty clients. If you’d like a sample tax return for planning purposes, 50% of your original tax return rate is charged. I.E.: $250 for tax return that you’d like to have a mid year review for planning = $125

Small Businesses / Contractors/ Corporations/ LLCs   1120S, 1120, 1065


Your NetWorth Basics financial package may include any or all of the below:

FINANCIAL – CLIENT SETUP: New business entity selection /setup

    • Complete set of filings:  from $399
      • S Corp / C Corp / LLC   from $ 125
      • Payroll filings setup: state & UIA  from $ 125
      • IRS filings setup: ID#s & Necessary/Timely Elections  from $125
  • Entire package above: From $435
    1. with FREE basic bookkeeping system setup
    2. and FREE 1st year basic website setup/host
    3. FREE online how to run your business guideline booklet written by our team, takes you from day one to annual changes and integrates with your software setup !



  • Payroll cards: from $125/1st employee – $49 addtl.
  • Books setup: from $149 install
  • $225  for up to 2 hrs of basic training

FINANCIAL – ON GOING:Reviews – tax returnsReview meetings with you 1 time per/ week / month / or quarter – at your location or ours. Includes basic 1120, 1120S, or 1065 tax return. Note: rarely would we complete a company return without regular reviews.

Reviews – books .Input/ entries by us into computer accounting system – your location or ours.From $85/visit or hour: our location,from $125/visit or hour: your location. Review on regular basis of books you’ve kept.From $325/quarter

A typical tech saavy client tends to pay $175/mo after the 1st year when there are no significant changes. $225/mo in the first year – that’s for 1 employee on fixed salary with only even draws.Due dates for tax returns and filings, business


We can quote package to your budget or quote a price to your need list.