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‘Bundled offerings’ specifically for our brokerage loyalists, & those referred! Your VISION helps us optimize your Annual ‘Financial Life’ Review session: i.e. tax returns, QnA w/ stats on your realty holdings, future planning, parental care.


  1. Complete the Jan. 2021 version of VISION survey if you have not already or there has been a life change in last 12 mo.
  3. Grab a coffee and read over the DIY checkup outline.

Uploaded Docs & Virtual Appts: for existing clients, you may upload documents, submit your info via YourSpace247 portal ~ HERE ARE THE UPLOAD STEPS AND FORMAT REQUIREMENTS: timing & format to submit

Our published email and phone does not accept in bound attachments. NO TEXTING due to security concerns.


  • ‘Concierge Services’ are offered ‘Bundled’ 

~ for theNetWorthLife community.

  • SIGNED AGREEMENT for all returning clients: offers ‘concierge’ services as support for your real estate activity, if/ when you have it. An *up-front 1 yr. agreement  “to use Anibal Group LLC‘ to ‘INITIATE’ any/ all licensed professional brokerage dealings & referral packaging – on properties you’re authorized to transact” is signed. (Not required of 1st year clients).
    • *Agreement requires the signatures of all persons on title(s) or with signing authority (POAs/ etc) children.
  • Fees may potentially be rebated at close of future property transactions.

PERSONAL SERVICES #1, the ‘Annual ‘Financial Life’ Review session’: includes tax preparation, realty holdings planning, preservation & feedback info, and QnA counsel: 

FEES for the Annual Financial Life Review session are an hourly rate, including appt, all communications, and back-end office work, billed in 10 min. segments. The hourly rates are shown below as are typical average fees. Fees shown reflect an estimate with well organized records & ability to navigate client web portal, emails, pdf’s, and attachments. Your fee may be less or more depending on your individual situation.


    • You closed on a *PRINCIPLE residence this tax year we brokered. Just update your VISION. (*$250k up)
  • NO REALTY BROKERAGE this year – rates for appts & work done 1/1-3/31, 4/1-4/12 add 50%, 4/13-4/15 rates are double:
    • From $49: Includes MI, w/o city. ~ Situations:
      1. (1) W2 or 1099R only, no dependents,
      2. (1) W2 only student under 18 w/ parental client,
    • From $99  Includes MI. ~ Situations:
      1. Virtual appts w/ MAX (2) W2’s/1099R’s, w/MI, but no Property Tax Credit form, no city, no stock sales, no rentals, no self employment, income under $100k when you submit all documentation via (1) PDF packet, in a readable, horizontal (not rotated) format. more
      2. (1) W2, no dependents,
      3. (1) W2 student under 18 w/ parental client.
    • From $149:   Includes MI. no city ~ Situations:
      1. up to 5 pages of source document items, eg: W2, 1099R, 1099INT, SSA, Property Tax. NOT: Bus C, Rental E, Stock 1099B
    • From $199:   Includes MI. no city. ~ Situations w/up to 10 pages of source documents:
      1. W2s/ 1099Rs/ SSA returns w/ 1099-INT/ DIV, no rental or business
      2. Base fee for ‘final returns’ for non-spousal deceased relative.
    • From $249:   Includes MI. & (1) city. ~ Situations:
      1. up to 15 pages of source documents of these: W2/ 1099-R/ INT/ DIV/ B/ SSA/ includes HSA
      2. Itemized (sched A, charity, mtg int, prop txs)
    • From $299 Includes MI. & (1) city. ~ Situations:
      1. AGI over $100k
      2. over 10 pages of source documents of these: W2/ 1099-R/ INT/ DIV/ B/ SSA/ MISC, HSA
      3. additional schedules eg: PTC 8962, Education, HSA, IRA contributions, etc.
      4. Return has any Bus C, Rental E
    • From $349: Situations:
      1. out-state &/or multi-state &/or multi-city &/or
      2. includes a 1099NEC/MISC (small business) or rental property schedule
      3. includes special research involved with spreadsheet for items like property basis calculations, prorations, etc.
      4. includes limited forward planning consultation – 15 min.
  • ASAP, SHORT NOTICE, and PAST DUE DATES surcharge:  Min. 50% additional charge:

    • 4/1 – 4/15, or the 15 days prior to extension deadlines.
    • Service requests less than 3 days prior to filing due dates subject to availability, up to 2x’s base fees.
  • HOURLY: Spreadsheets/ modeling/ research: $99 setup + $ 95/hr (10 min. increments) editing 1st 4hrs + $45/hr after 4hrs per edit. Phone calls/ emails/ text or other messaging: $ 95/hr, min $19ea.
  • ‘HERITAGE /  HARDSHIP’ RATES: As with insurance companies, loyalty matters. We’re with those that trust us with all realty activity and supporters of humanitarian causes. So if its been a tough year, you need special consideration, we’ll work with you. Concierge services, (like tax work), are a ‘loss leader’ for us, not profitable after all the costs. But, we’ll use a fee that helps you out in time of need. That’s what is about. [Does not qualify for rebates].
  • USING/ USED OTHER BROKERAGES – un-bundle/ breach agreement:
    • If you waive the agreement to initiate any/all brokerage this coming year should you buy/sell/relocate, add 25% to Bundled Fee Schedule & rebates using our brokerage are not available. Tender: 50% of estimate +$500 retainer up-front
    • *OR you breached our annual agreement (using another broker last year), you are subject to fee of 3/4% of transaction price or 25% amounts paid to outside brokerage(s).
    • Waive the retainer with Your VISION & the AGREEMENT.
      • Waiver not available if you used another Realtor after already using our services as noted in your prior ‘Annual Review’ documentation.
      • Agreement to use AGL to ‘initiate’ all Real Estate Activity This Year   required unless you are a 1st yr client or returning after breach. Our package is a ‘larger picture’ interaction. Our year after year clients find interactive value beyond clerical form processing, ‘bigger picture’ is what we offer.
    • *Greater of:  3/4 % of transaction amount or 25% of brokerage fee you paid to another firm may be due for breach of agreement.
  • Service pricing presumes basic print/ scan etc computer skills. If you need assistance, see “CONSULTATIONS”. 


    • Small businesses w/ a schedule C typically add $99 ea. (non-itemizer | itemizer)
    • Rental property returns typically add $49 per property if you use our YourNotebook spreadsheet on YourSpace, otherwise add $99 per property. (free in year you buy/ sell the investment).
    • Schedule D add $29 ea per 1099. (non-itemizer | itemizer)
    • Multi state returns add $99 ea. (free in year of brokerage or relocation).
    • Affordable Care Act part year or subsidized coverage at hourly rate.
    • PRINTOUTS: hard-copy printouts $1/pg
      • Minimum: current clients: $20/yr ~ archived (former) client: $40/yr.
      • Account History CD’s: $49.95 via PayPal (active clientele only).
    • Mailing: $20  
    • Postage with tracking: $20 for 1, $5 per additional
    • Computer ‘challenged’: See’ CONSULTATIONS’ for rates for install, configure, and operating basic apps eg: spreadsheets, .pdf creation, scanner/printer operations.
    • Client ‘re-boot’: If you were a prior client but did not have an Annual Review last year, your data did not roll over and YourSpace will need to be recreated.
    • What – if’ REVIEWS:
      • Quick review of recent returns by outside firm: ALWAYS FREE.
      • ‘What if’ 15 minute ‘quicky’ non-in person opinions are always free.
      • In-Depth Planning: 50% of Annual Review rates. (over 15 min./ in person/ in home)
        • No charge with open buy/ sell brokerage agreement unless: investors, short sales, foreclosure clients.

PERSONAL SERVICES #2, CONSULTATIONS/ HOURLY: Financial modeling w/spreadsheets, real estate what-if, forensics work for estates/ trusts etc., legal & court support, & other consultations.

  • Free mid-year and December pre-year Review: 15 min. quick check in is included for our Annual Review clients (w/ ‘any and all realty’ acknowledgment on file).
  • Spreadsheets/ research: $99 setup + $ 95/hr (10 min. increments) editing 1st 4hrs + $45/hr after 4hrs per edit
  • Phone calls/ emails/ text or other messaging: $ 95/hr, min $19ea.

PERSONAL SERVICES #3, LETTER AUDITS: Review or response to government letters/ inquiries.

  • If taxpayer has proof to resolve easily w/ simple letter response:
    • Min. $85 + $85/per hour additional time.
  • If calculations &/ or research involved:
      • Min. $125 + $125/per hour additional time.
      • Retainer: $125 if work is tendered to YourSpace, other $150.
  • Outside consultant(s)/ adviser(s) involved:
      • Their fee including any pre-paids/ retainers they require. e.g.: CPA / Enrolled Agents/ lawyers.
  • Preparer work corrections: Never a charge.

TRAVEL: $44.95 base+IRS mileage rate round trip. We maintain ‘route days’, to minimize the expense. Estimate

DISCOUNTS: eg: laid off/ medical need/ retired or receiving assistance.

  1. Low Income: FREE to those within these modest income guidelines.
    1. we have your signed annual realty agreement on file to use us for any buy/ sell real estate activity this coming year.
    2. and you’ve completed: VISION


      • Clients on open accounts – we’ll invoice &/or add line item to your ‘account’ link.visa_mc

    For Appt:  > Survey completed ? Set an Appointment < click here. 


    > Set an Appointment/ Request Services < link, below is for non-appointment general inquires only:


    Note, all of your information will remain confidential.

    • FENTON OFFICE indoor appointments subject to masks Sept 1-Mar15. 

      •  * Please post very clear photos/ pdf’s directly to YourSpace247. Use the email in the RH column. Landlords and businesses update YourNOTEBOOK.
    • If you referred a * buy/ sell/ relo residence client during the prior 12 months, THANK YOU! (* For transactions * $200k and above, client is given 2 ‘Annual Review’ vouchers to be used, gifted, or a combination).
    •  At your “Annual Review” request home valuation, property taxes protests, financial spreadsheets updated, tips and articles for planning.
    • If you stop & restart services in a later year, you start as a new customer/client.
    • YourSpace247 with .pdf copies of documents available per servicing level. If you utilize another realty brokerage YourSpace is closed.
    • Clients that have brokered buy/ sell/ relocation activity elsewhere that we did not ‘initiate’ ~ then broker or create the referral packet ~ for you, is a breach of our annual ‘initiate any & all brokered activity’ agreement. $500 minimum new client setup/ retainer is due.

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