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Anibal Group LLC elder care assistance

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Free services for those in need at this time

including medicaid recipients, elderly with only SSI or no other income.

Income tax preparation, entity selection, customized spreadsheets and bookkeeping solutions for small businesses and real estate investors.

Exclusive provider of YourSpace 24/7, interactive online portal with all your document files and  communications.



  • IRS tax strategies?    Whether to incorporate?Faces_Smr_At_DFC-button-smll
  • Bookkeeping setup & review ?


Form of Business:
  • We help you assess the tax consequences of a:
    • proprietorship
    • S or C corp.
    • related pros & cons.
  • Then:
    • prepare documents & instruments
    • assist in filing in the correct order for governmental agencies as required.

Key decisions at this stage can save you $1,000s every year AND KEEP YOU OUT of hot water with the IRS.


  • We will either set you up, offer on-going services or anything in between.
  • When setting  up your computer books, payroll filings,  preparing financial statements, or end of year income tax filings . . . we will help when and where you need ….we  “McDonaldize” it for you . . . into simple outline format.


Whether year end  tax returns, complete entity setup, payrolls, bookkeeping setup, or other tax reporting  … we make it sign and send ready accessible immediately on YourSpace247, client portal.
………….You concentrate on running your business– not researching audit techniques and filing requirements.
Your Company RESULTS
1st 2nd 3rd 4th Total
Profits: some, more, better, great ???
Taxes: minimized through advance planning
Time: More to run business =

Financial Services:

>Acquisitions. > Dispositions.> Valuations.>

Start-ups: consult with us regarding start-up and/or existing businesses throughout Michigan to decide on the best tax entity structure. We assist in the setup of your business (corp., s-corp, etc.) then get you going with books, and payroll set-up.

Service after Set-up:

Clients have the unique “How It Works-Entities” booklet online version, a condensed and highly useful start-up and operating tool. “HIW-Entities” is part of the color-coded “Annual Entity Package” to separate and track
items for IRS and your personal income tax reporting. Note critical tax filing dates you need to be aware of in order to avoid expensive interest and penalties.

End of period reviews offer discussions re:

  • assessing your pricing strategy
  • key personnel compensation incentive packages
  • timing assets buy/sell/depreciate/expense decisions.

*Remember, Annual Review fees are applied as a retainer/rebate to realty transactions at closing when you contract with us at the initiation of realty activity.

–  We setup your bookkeeping system at you site, as needed, then help you get up and running. IRS categories are pre-input to ease your record keeping.

We have clients that have trusted us since we opened in 1982, clients that travel hours, send information via email from other states & other countries, clients that have bought and sold property with us 5, 6 times.

Some of our year to year business clients: Landlords, HVAC, Taxidermy, Carpentry, Medical Supply, Hair Salon, Nurse Consulting, Realty Developers, Computer Programming, Environmental Geologist, Investors, Outdoor/Landscape Services, Landlords in FL, MI, NC, CO


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