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Below outlines benefits of what we can offer you in your unique situation.

By whom were thou referred ?

  • Real estate pro: Anibal Group retiree assistance
    • As a realty pro of many decades your situation is understood! You might need extra patience due to a move … which can be stressful. Your agent and I speak the same language, so we will be a ‘triangular team’ as needed to make it as easy as possible. Document shuffling will be substantially reduced in most cases – a good thing for you!
    • We use a ‘non-compete’ and honor the agent relationship you have that entrusts you to our care. You do NOT need to be buy/sell client of ours in this situation. Your VISION intake form will be noted appropriately so ‘don’t be puzzled’.
  • Family:
    • Share ‘credits’ when any of you buy/ or sell and get services FREE. Service discounts now apply when we can service multiple family members in one appointment, at office, virtually, or at your location.ANIBAL GROUP TAX REAL ESTATE LOSS OF LOVED ONE WILLS TRUSTS ESTATES AND FORENSICS
  • Friend/ co-worker:
    • A discount for each of you the first year as ‘thanks’ for trusting us.
  • Same street/ neighborhood:
    • Post covid, we are again offering ‘on-site’ services. If you have 3 or more neighbors that schedule for the same day, there is a discount for all of you …. every year.
  • Outreach/ humanitarian situation:
    • Compassion in ‘final returns’, trusts, estates, wills, property liquidations, pro-rations, conservator assistance, and forensics are part of the tools from decades of experience.
    • If there is a hardship situation, let me know how I can assist best so we can make a plan asap.


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‘Bundled offerings’ specifically for our theNetWorthLife.com brokerage loyalists, & those referred (per above)! Your VISION helps us optimize your Annual Review: i.e. tax returns, updating your realty holdings file.

  1. Complete Jan. 2021 version of VISION survey if you have not already or there has been a life change in last 12 mo.
  2. Submit your info via:



NetWorthBasics.com ‘Concierge Services’ are offered ‘Bundled’ 

~ for theNetWorthLife community.

  • SIGNED AGREEMENT for all returning clients: NetWorthBasics.com offers ‘concierge’ services as support for your real estate activity, if/ when you have it. An *up-front 1 yr. agreement  “to use Anibal Group LLC‘ to ‘INITIATE’ any/ all brokerage & referral packaging on properties you’re authorized to transact” is signed. (Not required of 1st year clients).
    • *Agreement requires the signatures of all persons on title(s) or with signing authority (POAs/ etc) children.
  • Fees may potentially be rebated at close of future property transactions.

PERSONAL SERVICES #1, the ‘Annual NetWorth Review’: includes tax preparation, free realty holdings info packet, and QnA: 


    • You closed on a *PRINCIPLE residence this tax year we brokered. Just update your VISION. (*$250k up)
  • NO REALTY BROKERAGE this year – rates for appts & work done 1/1-3/31, 4/1-4/12 add 50%, 4/13-4/15 rates are double:
    • From $49: Includes MI, w/o city. ~ Situations:
      1. (1) W2 or 1099R only, no dependents,
      2. (1) W2 only student under 18 w/ parental client,
    • From $99  Includes MI. ~ Situations:
      1. Virtual appts w/ MAX (2) W2’s/1099R’s, w/MI, but no Property Tax Credit form, no city, no stock sales, no rentals, no self employment, income under $100k when you submit all documentation via (1) PDF packet, in a readable, horizontal (not rotated) format. more
      2. (1) W2, no dependents,
      3. (1) W2 student under 18 w/ parental client.
    • From $149:   Includes MI. no city ~ Situations:
      1. up to 5 pages of source document items, eg: W2, 1099R, 1099INT, SSA, Property Tax. NOT: Bus C, Rental E, Stock 1099B
    • From $199:   Includes MI. no city. ~ Situations w/up to 10 pages of source documents:
      1. W2s/ 1099Rs/ SSA returns w/ 1099-INT/ DIV, no rental or business
      2. Base fee for ‘final returns’ for non-spousal deceased relative.
    • From $249:   Includes MI. & (1) city. ~ Situations:
      1. up to 15 pages of source documents of these: W2/ 1099-R/ INT/ DIV/ B/ SSA/ includes HSA
      2. Itemized (sched A, charity, mtg int, prop txs)
    • From $299 Includes MI. & (1) city. ~ Situations:
      1. AGI over $100k
      2. over 10 pages of source documents of these: W2/ 1099-R/ INT/ DIV/ B/ SSA/ MISC, HSA
      3. additional schedules eg: PTC 8962, Education, HSA, IRA contributions, etc.
      4. Return has any Bus C, Rental E
    • From $349: Situations:
      1. out-state &/or multi-state &/or multi-city &/or
      2. includes a 1099NEC/MISC (small business) or rental property schedule
      3. includes special research involved with spreadsheet for items like property basis calculations, prorations, etc.
      4. includes limited forward planning consultation – 15 min.
  • ASAP, SHORT NOTICE, and PAST DUE DATES surcharge:  Min. 50% additional charge:

    • 4/1 – 4/15, or the 15 days prior to extension deadlines.
    • Service requests less than 3 days prior to filing due dates subject to availability, up to 2x’s base fees.
  • HOURLY: Spreadsheets/ modeling/ research: $99 setup + $ 95/hr (10 min. increments) editing 1st 4hrs + $45/hr after 4hrs per edit. Phone calls/ emails/ text or other messaging: $ 95/hr, min $19ea.
  • ‘HERITAGE /  HARDSHIP’ RATES: As with insurance companies, loyalty matters. We’re with those that trust us with all realty activity and supporters of humanitarian causes. So if its been a tough year, you need special consideration, we’ll work with you. Concierge services, (like tax work), are a ‘loss leader’ for us, not profitable after all the costs. But, we’ll use a fee that helps you out in time of need. That’s what theNetWorthLife.com is about. [Does not qualify for rebates].
  • USING/ USED OTHER BROKERAGES – un-bundle/ breach agreement:
    • If you waive the agreement to initiate any/all brokerage this coming year should you buy/sell/relocate, add 25% to Bundled Fee Schedule & rebates using our brokerage are not available. Tender: 50% of estimate +$500 retainer up-front
    • *OR you breached our annual agreement (using another broker last year), you are subject to fee of 25% amounts paid to outside brokerage(s).
    • Waive the retainer with Your VISION & the AGREEMENT.
      • Waiver not available if you used another Realtor after already using our services as noted in your prior ‘Annual Review’ documentation.
      • Agreement to use AGL to ‘initiate’ all Real Estate Activity This Year   required unless you are a 1st yr client or returning after breach. Our package is a ‘larger picture’ interaction. Our year after year clients find interactive value beyond clerical form processing, ‘bigger picture’ is what we offer.
    • *Min. of 25% of brokerage fee you paid to another firm may be due for breach of agreement.
  • Service pricing presumes basic print/ scan etc computer skills. If you need assistance, see “CONSULTATIONS”. 


    • Small businesses w/ a schedule C typically add $99 ea. (non-itemizer | itemizer)
    • Rental property returns typically add $49 per property if you use our YourNotebook spreadsheet on YourSpace, otherwise add $99 per property. (free in year you buy/ sell the investment).
    • Schedule D add $29 ea per 1099. (non-itemizer | itemizer)
    • Multi state returns add $99 ea. (free in year of brokerage or AllOverUSA.com relocation).
    • Affordable Care Act part year or subsidized coverage at hourly rate.
    • PRINTOUTS: hard-copy printouts $1/pg
      • Minimum: current clients: $20/yr ~ archived (former) client: $40/yr.
      • Account History CD’s: $49.95 via PayPal (active clientele only).
    • Mailing: $20  
    • Postage with tracking: $20 for 1, $5 per additional
    • Computer ‘challenged’: See’ CONSULTATIONS’ for rates for install, configure, and operating basic apps eg: spreadsheets, .pdf creation, scanner/printer operations.
    • Client ‘re-boot’: If you were a prior client but did not have an Annual Review last year, your data did not roll over and YourSpace will need to be recreated.
    • What – if’ REVIEWS:
      • Quick review of recent returns by outside firm: ALWAYS FREE.
      • ‘What if’ 15 minute ‘quicky’ non-in person opinions are always free.
      • In-Depth Planning: 50% of Annual Review rates. (over 15 min./ in person/ in home)
        • No charge with open buy/ sell brokerage agreement unless: investors, short sales, foreclosure clients.

PERSONAL SERVICES #2, CONSULTATIONS/ HOURLY: Financial modeling w/spreadsheets, real estate what-if, forensics work for estates/ trusts etc., legal & court support, & other consultations.

  • Free mid-year and December pre-year Review: 15 min. quick check in is included for our Annual Review clients (w/ ‘any and all realty’ acknowledgment on file).
  • Spreadsheets/ research: $99 setup + $ 95/hr (10 min. increments) editing 1st 4hrs + $45/hr after 4hrs per edit
  • Phone calls/ emails/ text or other messaging: $ 95/hr, min $19ea.

PERSONAL SERVICES #3, LETTER AUDITS: Review or response to government letters/ inquiries.

  • If taxpayer has proof to resolve easily w/ simple letter response:
    • Min. $85 + $85/per hour additional time.
  • If calculations &/ or research involved:
      • Min. $125 + $125/per hour additional time.
      • Retainer: $125 if work is tendered to YourSpace, other $150.
  • Outside consultant(s)/ adviser(s) involved:
      • Their fee including any pre-paids/ retainers they require. e.g.: CPA / Enrolled Agents/ lawyers.
  • Preparer work corrections: Never a charge.

TRAVEL: $24.95 base+IRS mileage rate round trip. Estimate

DISCOUNTS: eg: laid off/ medical need/ retired or receiving assistance.

  1. Low Income: FREE to those within these modest income guidelines.
    1. we have your signed annual realty agreement on file to use us for any buy/ sell real estate activity this coming year.
    2. and you’ve completed: VISION


      • Clients on open accounts – we’ll invoice &/or add line item to your ‘account’ link.visa_mc

    For Appt:  > Survey completed ? Set an Appointment < click here. 


    > Set an Appointment/ Request Services < link, below is for non-appointment general inquires only:


    Note, all of your information will remain confidential.

    • FENTON OFFICE indoor appointments subject to masks Sept 1-Mar15. 

      •  * Please post very clear photos/ pdf’s directly to YourSpace247. Use the email in the RH column. Landlords and businesses update YourNOTEBOOK.
    • If you referred a * buy/ sell/ relo residence client during the prior 12 months, THANK YOU! (* For transactions * $200k and above, client is given 2 ‘Annual Review’ vouchers to be used, gifted, or a combination).
    •  At your “Annual Review” request home valuation, property taxes protests, financial spreadsheets updated, tips and articles for planning.
    • If you stop & restart services in a later year, you start as a new customer/client.
    • YourSpace247 with .pdf copies of documents available per servicing level. If you utilize another realty brokerage YourSpace is closed.
    • Clients that have brokered buy/ sell/ relocation activity elsewhere that we did not ‘initiate’ ~ then broker or create the referral packet ~ for you, is a breach of our annual ‘initiate any & all brokered activity’ agreement. $500 minimum new client setup/ retainer is due.

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