Our approach has been numbers based since we opened in 1982. It also values “wisdom in the counsel of many”. As such, we work with your accountant through the process of property transactions and cover their fees out of our pocket. Its that important to us that you have independent financial counsel before, during, and after the process that we offer to pay for their fees, as outlined on our site. Don’t have one ? Request a referral list of local professionals we’ve worked with. [Accountants contact us]


Our team principle holds an accounting degree, real estate (multi-state) brokerage licensing & other licenses and designations that will help you get your business up and running. Our focus makes your picture come together w/ consulting available re: your buy/sell interaction with – lets make sure someone you trust has offered:

  • to provide setup consulting and services: filings / computerized bookkeeping / YourSpace247
  • to provide ongoing support thru accounting services – minimizing taxes being a large focus
  • to provide brokerage and valuations for acquiring a business or business location, or selling brokerage ( – US ! )
  • to provide your working files to you online via portal, 24/7. The paper clutter and confusion is drastically minimized, the ease of retrieval of important information is greatly increased ! We can view & discuss the same document at the same !
  • to provide related services via referral network that will help you maintain and grow your net worth.

We are part of a totally unique referral network of long established professionals that work together to maximize your return on investment of you time, talents, and finances. We simplify processes, minimize taxes, review your situation on a re-occurring basis, make recommendations, and then assist with the implementation of those recommendations.

Affiliate referral professionals are professionals with years of experience, licensing, and have your interests in mind.

Contact us today and get a free review of your situation & any recent years tax filings, let us introduce ourselves. We’ll show you all we can offer you !