Roth IRA Basics – distribution basics

Your account is composed of: 1. Contributions, 2. Earnings. Contributions to a Roth IRA can be distributed to the creator any time.
Earningswithout owing taxes or penalties:
  1. you have to be at least 59½ years old
  2. and the account has to be five years old.
  3. even if you’re already 59½, you have to have established and held the Roth for at least five tax years. That is basically the 5-year rule for Roths.
The 5-year rule only limits when you can withdraw your earnings from your Roth IRA. That means the interest, dividends, capital gains, and any other income your Roth investments have accumulated. Contributions are not limited – these were after-tax already, ie: there was no deduction when you deposited them.
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Series: Virtual Appointments & document posting for remote Annual Review


DOCUMENTS CAN NOT BE ACCEPTED VIA OUR PUBLISHED EMAIL(s) BY EXISTING CLIENTS DUE TO SECURITY AND SPACE LIMITATIONS. — Any submission of items direct to our company or personal email(s) require a pre submission agreement of such, to ensure privacy and proper routing. All existing clients use YourSpace247 ‘direct post email’ in right-hand column.

For Virtual Appointments:

  1. Tender, via direct email upload of, your docs. to portal min. 48 hrs ahead of any discussion or expected feedback.
  2. we’ll complete your work
  3. for download n/ pay online.
  4. AFTER you review the packet, if you need to connect, request a link.

Via phone, Zoom, TeamViewer, Google Meeting, etc available.

  • There is an extra hourly fee for us to sort through, rotate, and re-assemble in to one pdf file if you submit
    • multiple pdf’s or jpg’s
    • unclear docs
    • cropped off docs
    • rotated docs
  • FOR BEST RATE – CREATE: 1 (only) pdf packet,
    • clear/ crisp scans,
    • not ‘keystone’ but captured using device that is parallel to doc’s
    • readable format: horizontal, not rotated or inverted from page to page.
    • Check readability before forwarding to us.
    • multi-files and manipulation subject to hourly additional

Existing clients, post doc’s to your YourSpace247 client portal (use YourSpace email in the RH Sidebar) & update YourNOTEBOOK if I created a new unpopulated spreadsheet tab for you.

    • Check your post to make sure it is there AND readable.

PHOTOS/ MULTI PDF’s/ etc.: do not email any official communications or docs to our company or personal email – attachments are not seen for security reasons, & there would be considerable a delay due to volume.

  • Texting of photos is available for a processing feeNOT to our published phone #, request unpublished secure ph#.
  • Scan or use Camscanner app.
    • No scanner or smart phone?, UPS/ FedEx, & office supply stores assist you.

Advice & planning is worthless after the fact. Review your strategies and go forward. Later, the complexity and expense – financial and emotional – will grow exponentially!

Don’t know where to start? Do the clerical work. Don’t know where that starts? Contact me for assistance.

Our approach will be looking at the bigger picture. You can also begin by sharing you’re thoughts, dreams, needs, goals, and comfort parameters.

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Year-end tip(s):  Update your Assets spreadsheet. Keep a draft of your Trust/ Will documents on a google drive format for easy sharing with your insurance/ legal/ and tax counselors.

Series: Timing buys and sells ~ Stock market investing

Some Basics: Introduction to tools for protecting and growing your Net Worth.
Stock trading is not my primary investment vehicle of choice. But since clients add this into their mix, here’s some input.
Paul Anibal Realty Net Worth tax real estate broker fenton mi linden byron hartland The new analysis re: the returns of exchange-traded fund SPY or SPDR S&P 500 E.T.F., which started trading on Jan. 29, 1993 – which mirrors the Standard & Poor’s 500-stock index – shows SPY’s overall price gain from its inception through 1/2018 ( time of article & data) has been 541 percent cumulatively, not counting dividends. But look closely and a remarkable fact emerges.
  • Separate the daytime from after-hour returns and all of that price gain since 1993 has come outside regular trading hours.
  • eg: If you had bought SPY at the last second of trading on each business day since 1993 and sold at the market open the next day — you’d get all of the net after-hour gains — your cumulative price gain would be 571 percent.
  • But, if you had done the opposite, buy at open, 9:30 a.m., and sell at close, you have lost 4.4 % !
Caveat: Orders tend to build up overnight, hence:
  • in a rising market, that will produce an upward price surge at open, but
  • during declining markets, overnight sell orders may tank at open.
  • and in a rising market, that will produce an upward price surge when the market opens. But during extended declines, overnight sell orders may cause prices to plummet when the market opens.
What now? I have many stock investing spreadsheet templates you may like. I edit these in realtime with the client ~ via virtual or in person meetings ~ to help you know where you’ve been, where you are, and estimate where you are headed. Contact me for assistance.feedback_todo_checklist Our approach will be looking at the bigger picture. You can also begin by sharing you’re thoughts, dreams, needs, goals, and comfort parameters.
A word about Real Estate: paul anibal real estate investment roi flipping properties fenton michigan investing in houses
Related Articles: Anibal-Group-LLC-RealtyNetWorth-b-w-contemplation Year-end tip(s):  Update your Assets spreadsheet. Keep a draft of your Trust/ Will documents on a google drive format for easy sharing with your insurance/ legal/ and tax counselors.

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New Tax Law: Planning Now


Year-end tip: Your deductions may be worth more this year than next, consider advance paying some deductable expenses.



When to elect S-Corp status

Whats’ a ‘retroactive election’?

Anibal-Affiliates-RealtyNetWorth-ask-signMost small-business owners and even some tax preparers don’t realize that you can make a retroactive election to be an S-Corp for 2017 if you already have been operating as an LLC all year long. A tax accountant or CPA can help you with the procedure and make reference to the proper revenue procedures to include with your Form 2553. Many believe there is a hard and fast 75-day rule at the beginning of the year to make this election for all of 2017. This is certainly not the case. Talk to your CPA to follow the correct procedure to get a retroactive election accepted.

Year-end tip: Make a retroactive election for your LLC to have an S-Corp for all of 2017, and get your payroll allocation completed before year-end.


How to set up a corporation or LLC in Michigan?

When setting up a corporation in Michigan your initial consultation is ALWAYS free and we’ll discuss:

  1. Choose Corporate Name. …
  2. Appoint Registered Agent. …
  3. Set Up Corporate Books. …
  4. Prepare Corporate Bylaws. …
  5. Appoint Corporation Directors. …
  6. Hold First Board of Directors Meeting. …
  7. Issue Company Stock. …
  8. Taxation Related:
    • EIN: Your corporation must obtain a federal employer identification number (EIN).
    • S Corporation Filing: If the corporation wants to elect S corporation status for tax purposes, it must submit Form 2553 Election by a Small Business Corporation (signed by all the shareholders).
    • UIA
  9. Business Licenses: Local DBA’s as needed, etc.
  10. Don’t forget to: File Michigan Annual Report Requirements.

Long term care insurance – do I need it?

Well, after seeing a long time client use over $100,000 worth of LT care this year alone, you Anibal-Affiliates-RealtyNetWorth-Old+People+and+technologymay wish to visit this question closer. Fortunately, they had purchased LT care insurance.

Property Tax Estimator

Handy little tool to estimate your property taxes.networth-calculator-button-icon

3 Reasons People Retire Broke

An easy read Dave Ramsey article points out a couple key pointers.woman_piggy_bank_000009343524

  1. Zero % ROI brings in nothing, in fact, inflation will eat it alive. You must invest.
  2. Jumping in or letting panic make you jump out…well, we just hear a sermon on this today. Read all of Mark chapter 13, then realize that there will be ups and downs but don’t run about in sky is falling mode. I know, easier to understand and you get older (ps, I’m older).
  3. Stupid Decisions. A good read is The Millionare Next Door. Those that stay the course don’t tend to make impulse buys. But on the flip side, if your investment has seen good appreciation, evaluate it for some profit taking. What does that mean ?

When clients accumulate more than one investment property, I show them how they compare against others they own. If they own only one, I’ll give regular feedback on others that are available and how they might compare (ROI). When I was in my 20’s, I was about to make about $10k on a flip that I had $3k into. Dad said, “so you’ll get this much out of it, then rent will stop, and what will you do with the $x’s ?” He’d been trained as a teacher


with an Economics masters degree so it was a straight forward question. I’ve used this approach each time I or a client has cleaned up a house. There are +’s and -‘s to a. selling, b. renting it out, c. ?….you get the idea. I prefer to get investors – and home owners as well – thinking more, jumping off cliffs of optimism less. At the same time, if your $50k house bought as a rental has now shot up to $120k in value and we can get that same rent from a another $75k house, well, I can lead you to water but I can’t make you drink.