Series: Some basics ~ Stock market investing

Some Basics: Introduction to tools for protecting and growing your Net Worth.

Stock trading is not my investment vehicle of choice. But since clients add this into their mix, here’s some input.

Brokerage tools:
  • Quick n easy ‘Apps’:Paul Anibal Realty Net Worth tax real estate broker fenton mi linden byron hartland
    • Examples: Webull, Robinhood
    • +’s: Quick tool for cellphones, etc.
    • -‘s: Can be limited in research, charts and graphs. Easily draws in the inexperienced with potentially horrendous consequences.
  • Expanded services & website brokerages:
    • Examples: Etrade, TD Ameritrade
    • +’s: Lots of tools you should be using
    • -‘s: Need to sit at a PC to use the tools and invest the time ~ actually, that’s a plus

Site tools:

A word about Real Estate: paul anibal real estate investment roi flipping properties fenton michigan investing in houses

What now? Please solicit advice from multiple sources based on various areas of specialization….e.g.: professional insurance/ legal/ tax/ financial planner/ lender/ realty broker/ and even a spiritual advisor. Yes, even your pastor will have great insights to share re: what the rest of us professional see ‘after the fact’. Scripture speaks more to finances than other topics & its the #1 issue in relationship conflicts.

I can’t stress this enough, virtually every family has ‘issues’ when $’s and control come to play.  Many client families I’d never dreamed would have had disagreements have family splits, even when little to nothing was left to disagree over.

Well the key word is ‘now’. Advice & planning is worthless after someone becomes feedback_todo_checklistincapable of handling their affairs, or passes. Review your strategies and go forward. Later, the complexity and expense – financial and emotional – will grow exponentially!

Don’t know where to start? Do the clerical work. Don’t know where that starts? Contact me for assistance.

Our approach will be looking at the bigger picture. You can also begin by sharing you’re thoughts, dreams, needs, goals, and comfort parameters.

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Year-end tip(s):  Update your Assets spreadsheet. Keep a draft of your Trust/ Will documents on a google drive format for easy sharing with your insurance/ legal/ and tax counselors.