Annual-Review-Checklist page updated.

The new 2 page checklist and long version tax planner in printable pdf is now available. Please review your records prior to Annual Review appt.


10 Astute Tax Moves in 2010

Be sure to take advantage of these new and existing tax breaks to lower your IRS bill.

Tax form with hundred-dollar bills (Corbis)

Worth thousands of dollars

Tip 1: Buy a Home

Tip 2: Watch Out for Making Work Pay Complications

Tip 3: Convert Your Traditional IRA to a Roth

Tip 4: Improve Your Home’s Energy Efficiency

Tip 5: Hit the Road in a Hybrid

Tip 6: Hire an Estate Tax Attorney

Tip 7: Remember That RMDs Are Back

Tip 8: Cash in on Low Capital Gains Rates

Tip 9: Be Aware of Rising Income Tax Rates

Tip 10: Keep an Eye on Health Care

Just Back From Tax Class, Jan. 2010

There are many changes.

There are many good old tax provisions “expiring”.

There are more messy provisions that are pumping up an artificially suffering economy – i.e. we spend ourselves into a corner …. just push more credits and use a shuffling of deductions to drag it out, confuse us more, give artificial hope, and delay the inevitable. Is this ever really helpful ???

I’ll post synopsis info until I get a better handle on the whole mess:


The Most-Overlooked Tax Deductions
Who knows how many people forgot -- or never knew about -- a deduction that could save them money?

FAQs on the Home Buyer
 Tax Credits
We have the answers on the money available, whether you're a first-time buyer or looking to move.